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Financial Consultation :

Your financial decisions can have a major impact on your future. It is therefore necessary to provide a healthy financial plan that will help you:

  • Manage your assets
  • Revise your budget
  • Protect the future of your family
  • Save for your retirement
  • Save to achieve your dreams

The financial consultation is addressed:

  • to people concerned about their future
  • to those who consider their planning as a puzzle
  • to those who do not have an action plan or whose action plan does not meet their needs any more.
  • to those who want to entrust their financial planning professionals,…

The management of financial assets represents the crucial step to reach your financial autonomy. Thus, it is crucial to establish a good strategy to achieve your own financial goals.

Our advisers can help you build your financial plan according to your capacities and your priorities. Also, in order to acquire a financial independence, it is essential to establish a plan adapted to your situation.

Financial safety constitutes the pillar of our inheritance. However, events of the life, job loss, death, bad placements,… can affect our inheritance. Then it becomes essential to be protected against these uncontrollable events of life.

In addition, according to a study by the "Régie des Rentes du Québec" on the evolution of a group of people, from the beginning of their career until the age of 65 years old, 12% will die. For those who start their retirement, 80% have an income of less than $ 25000, 15% have an income between $ 25000 and 50000, and only 5% over $ 50000. A planning of your retirement could help you achieve your goals.

Nowadays, people have different financial products (RRSP, insurance, investments, etc.) without necessarily addressing their needs. That is why our advisers offer comprehensive planning to integrate all these elements and effectively contribute into achieving better results.

Our advisers are committed to offer a plan that will guide you toward financial security. Also at MABI each person is unique, so we offer personalized financial services customized just for you.

Our team of specialists in the field of financial advice is there to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. Also, we are committed to offer a full range of financial products.

Having main mission to help you plan your financial security, our team of experts ensures strict monitoring. Take advantage of free services of our advisers who can lead you to make informed choices and build your future.

We will develop together a plan to protect the future of your family, to save for your retirement, for your children's education, for your new house,… and thus to guarantee a better peace of mind.

Tax Planning:

  • Looking for tax advice?
  • Want to reduce your tax burden?
  • Want a personalized plan for your accountancy?

In a global economy in constant evolution, it is judicious to have professional advice on the tax level. Indeed, MABI offers products adapted to companies in order to obtain a certain competitive advantage.

MABI provides services to reduce the tax burden for businesses. The federal taxes, provincial taxes and taxes on capital represent large disbursements of a business. Therefore, a healthy tax planning proves to be a real asset.

We propose mainly consulting services to help you better structure and reduce your tax bills present and future. Also, we develop a comprehensive plan that takes into account all the tax impacts of your decisions.

In addition, we also take care of your income declarations. Our professionals are committed to continually improve your methods and your accounting system and benefit the most from your tax returns.

Our team of professionals will have the role of advising you and of accompanying you during the implementation of recommendations and following the evolution of your situation.

Our professionals are able to identify with precision the stakes for each segment.

Tax Reports:

  • You encounter difficulties of working out your income tax returns?
  • You wish to reduce your invoice of taxes and to increase your return?
  • Need assistance?…

We offer a program adapted to your tax returns.

The federal government introduced almost every year important modifications which may have major consequences on the lives of individuals and people in business.

New tax credits are created and others withdrawn. Also, each investment income is subject to different tax laws. We must also take into consideration all the tax aspects at the time of the sale of your goods. Here are many aspects which must be taken into account when comes time to make your income declaration.

As a taxpayer, you cannot be on the lookout for all these specificities. You often face some confusion about these tax laws. Then in many cases you are likely not to draw the best advantage from these modifications.

In addition, there are a multitude of strategies that can reduce the tax burden which you may face, namely by maximizing your RRSP, by ensuring, by placing your money safe from the taxes, by transferring a portion of your income to your spouse, child care costs,….

Our experts ensure to follow strictly all new tax cuts. They are thus committed to make you profit fully from all your rights and helping you to use all the tax shelters to which you could have access. Also, they offer support ranging from preparing tax returns to the keeping of accounting books. While proposing gaining strategies to you to reduce your tax burden.

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