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Take advantage of this support program for managers that will improve the performance, the satisfaction and the motivation of your collaborators. Whether you are an administrator with great experience or a new supervisor, know that this coaching is addressed to all professionals concerned by their success.

Managers often have very great responsibilities and must use good strategies to animate, coordinate and control their teams while keeping a harmony of work within their organization. Therefore, this is the concordance we are offering with our coaching: this is a tool toward the worklife-balance.

The coach will only connect the manager's strong bases and reinforce those which can have weaknesses. The coach's attitude will thus make it possible to managers to manage their team in an effective manner. The coaching reveals subtly to you the winner that you are already naturally and professionally. This tool will enable you to emphasize your true interior force and reinforce your confidence in you. We are convinced that any organization has interest to reinforce the training to the tools of coaching for the managers in order to develop their aptitudes in management and to assure a competent leadership and proactive within their organizations

We are also persuaded that all managers need to be assisted in their steps through a suitable individual coaching, what will allow them to manage its various roles as well as possible and to set up the essential elements in place to well manage the constraints that they will meet regularly in their practice.

MABI offers you this new tool of coaching and commit personally to raise this challenge with nuance, clarity and rigor.

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